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The Hope Reads Literacy Outreach Program aims to emphasize the importance of reading partnerships. Our focus is to create a culture of literacy by promoting literacy activities that benefit all members of the family. We do so by offering literacy activities in our communities.

As a literacy leader and advocate, we promote awareness and provide support for literacy to members in our community all FREE of charge! Hope Reads and the Community Wins.

The outreach program is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization improving the quality of life of people living in poverty in the metro Atlanta, Georgia area by providing literacy training, enriching activities and always- a free book, through programs such as the Literacy Festival Day, Hope Reads at the Library, and Pages for All Ages. Programming includes services for adults and youth.

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What we do


9th Feb, 2019

Why Literacy Now?

The importance and impact of literacy is immeasurable. The ability to read is one of the most recognized indicators of future success. read more
15th Feb, 2019

Literacy Data

Hope Reads uses data to advance and improve our programs each year. Hope Reads is committed to measuring our results and impact. read more

Programs & Services


One-hour face-to-face tutoring sessions with local college interns available to youth participants to assist in academic tasks and literacy improvement

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Book Club

Hope Reads will host a monthly book club meeting. A list of twelve books (one for each month) will be provided to book club members. At the meeting, participants will discuss the book of the month.

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Hope Reads at the Library

Hope Reads will partner with local library branches and host Hope Reads at the Library. Participants will be invited to the library for storytelling and activities.

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Proud I Read Aloud Ice Cream Social

Parents and children will be invited to enjoy ice cream refreshments while we discuss the benefits of reading aloud in their home.

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Pages for All Ages

An intergenerational program providing youth participants with opportunities to read with senior citizens. High school students will receive community service hours for participation.

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Adult GED Program

Guided study program offered in evening and summer program 8-week units

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Digital Literacy

The Digital Literacy program empowers adults to utilize technology as a tool to self-sufficiency. Adult learners are taught to become active participants in the digital age,

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Access to Continuing Education

Participants are paired with a Hope Reads mentor to assist with continuing education goals. Assistance includes admission application completion,

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Feb 27th

Literacy festival will be at our Georgia location on Feb 27th, Huge number of people are expected to be present. read more

Event Location

260 Peach street,
Suite 220, Atlanta, GA. 30303.
Tel: 909-954-3393

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